"We've never seen a better film than 'Free Trip to Egypt' to show how we will heal today's human disconnections"

Kindness Films, the makers of Free Trip to Egypt, have today welcomed the enormous nationwide response to their #PledgeToListen Day of Unity on June 12, 2019.

The event will bring diverse communities from across the US together for one day, in order to jointly watch a screening of Free Trip to Egypt, followed by a telecast featuring celebrities, thought leaders and politicians, live from Washington D.C.

With around 500 cinemas confirmed, and over 10,000 guests expected to attend, the #PledgeToListen Day of Unity will be delivered in collaboration with a range of partners. However, organizers are keen to point out that there is still time to register to host a screening.

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Free Trip to Egypt In Theaters in May/June

LOS ANGELES — March 26, 2019 — For Immediate Release — Seeking to build a bridge of mutual understanding and friendship, a Canadian-Egyptian entrepreneur of Muslim faith decides to reach out to the very people who fear him. Traveling across the U.S. to find Americans concerned about an Islamic threat, Tarek Mounib makes the strangers he encounters an intriguing offer … a Free Trip to Egypt, an eye-opening and profound journey captured in a new documentary, the platform for the launch of a global social impact campaign.

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The Film is Complete and #PledgeToListen Has Begun

With five parallel camera crews following the American participants, there ended up being over 250 hours of camera footage.  The team had their work cut out for them - how would they cut all these hours into a feature length documentary and still convey the magic of the journey that was experienced.

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