“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

Audre Lorde

Do you want to bring more listening to the world?  Take The Pledge Now and become part of #PledgeToListen.

#PledgeToListen is inspired by the documentary Free Trip to Egypt. The film brings people together from completely different backgrounds, religions and political affiliations to see what can happen when people connect at a human level.

While making the film, we discovered that the power of listening with respect was transformational: now we want to connect everyone who would like to listen more. If that’s you, simply take the pledge:

I pledge to listen to you. Will you listen to me?

I pledge to listen to others who hold different opinions, views or beliefs. I will try to understand their reasons and their perspectives and will respectfully express my own in return. That’s it.

Take the pledge now

This is a commitment to yourself. It is also a chance to convey to others the change you want to see. Add your voice to the growing number of people who want to promote civility, deep listening, and authentic conversation. Together, we will show the world and our leaders that it’s time we start listening.

How your #PledgeToListen works

  1. Join #PledgeToListen to add your voice to the growing network of individuals who believe that the world can be a better place if everyone took the time to listen and understand.
  2. Why not record a video about why you think it is important to listen? You can also come back and add this later.
  3. The pledge doesn’t stop with you. Spread the message to the people in your community, so that they too can #PledgeToListen.

Through the awareness that you help to generate, we and our partner Millions of Conversations can organise special events and screenings of Free Trip to Egypt, bringing people together to experience the movie’s powerful, personal journey. Don’t miss out on the events happening in your area! 



A beauty pageant queen, a preacher and a Marine veteran were among those who traveled from America to be met in Egypt by a group of equally diverse locals – including a young revolutionary, a dancer and an orthodox Muslim family. Despite the differences in ethnicity, age and personality, they were all able to exchange their ideas, assert their beliefs and ultimately discover common ground.

Just as taking part in Free Trip to Egypt united these people, allowing them to share their differences and ultimately form human connections, #PledgeToListen encourages people from all over the world to come together to gain a better understanding of the cultures that surround them.

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#PledgeToListen Day of Unity

On June 12th 2019, the film Free Trip To Egypt was screened in 500 theatres across the United States and was immediately followed by a panel discussion which was streamed into the theaters.


This is what was called the #PledgeToListen Day of Unity and it truly was a vibrant celebration of all that unites us in our shared humanity as thought leaders, influencers, celebrities and thousands of people gathered together to bring more listening and kindness to the world.

After the film screening, Tarek Mounib was joined on stage by the panelists Marla Maples, Chris Harvin, Tom Shadyac, Uzra Zeya and Rabbi Rami Shapiro.

In addition to the panelists, other thought leaders and experts also provided their thoughts and insights to the audience including Sister Jenna, Reverend Sylvia Sumter, civility expert Dr. Lew Bayer who were present in Washington DC.

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And others Skyped in or sent video messages including author/speaker Azim Khamisa, Sela Ward, Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and oscar-winning director Peter Farrelly.

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Before the panel discussion, the audience in Washington DC also watched the film. Some audience reactions from Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples and Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Ellen Decker (film participant) and others.

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And around the Country...

Here is just a sample of some of the inspiring and supportive messages from our screening hosts after watching the film and the panel discussion in their respective theaters across the United States: 

Voices from Ann Arbor, Michigan

We had quite a packed house and everyone totally loved it!! ...  It was a beautiful evening, and I was especially impressed with the panel discussion after the film. ...  It was such a special feeling to know that we were sharing in this experience with thousands around the country. ... The magic of the night is still with me.

Voices from Houston, Texas

Amazing movie. The theater was packed here in Houston from all nationalities. One of the best movies I’ve seen. 💓💓 Great job. It’s funny, really and it touches you deeply.  .... It was a big success. .... Many people said they would like to watch it again. …. I personally loved it more than any other Hollywood production. I truly hope for this movie to reach a huge level of success. .... Here's to film makers that choose to create works that really matter and help us become more vulnerable and caring as humans.

Voices from New York, New York

Our group in New York was very moved and we stayed a long time afterwards talking about it all. Thank you Tarek for being who you are in the world, and for prompting this important national (and international) dialogue. .... It sounds like the ripples and waves of listening and kindness coming from your film and #PledgeToListen Day of Unity are reaching high places in politics and elsewhere.

Voices from Omaha, Nebraska

This was a wonderful experience and I think it was made even better by making sure we filled the theater early. .... We also had a very diverse audience that included Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics and others. We had a rainbow of people as well. Those two things excite me because I think a diverse group of people brings about diverse ideas. .... Your movie definitely made an impression in Eastern Nebraska.

Omaha_rs.jpg Omaha_2_rs.jpg
Voices from Irvine, California

Wow the film was fantastic. .... good hearted and genuine. I am so happy you made this film. .... It was a packed theater and there was a lot of interest.

Voices from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

So so good! Just watched the film with some of my dear sisters in our JAM and All Interfaith group. .... Thank you Tarek and all!  .... We all enjoyed the movie so much last night, and found out today that even more members of our JAM and All Interfaith group had attended a showing at another theater in Fort Lauderdale. .... We hope to stay in touch and continue the conversation!

Voices from Tempe, Arizona

It was a great success! .... AFN took the #PledgeToListen today as we partnered with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix to attend the screening.

Arizona_2_rs.jpg Arizona_rs.jpg
Voices from Daily City, California

The film is powerful, in an understated way -- the result of exquisite motivation and a team of film making geniuses who chose to give their very best to exactly what's needed on the planet now. .... The sensitive story-telling unfolded with feeling and emotion that safely allowed us in the audience to see the range of humanity of each traveler and thus ourselves. .... The post-film panel a huge, practical contribution -- also brilliant in its diversity.

The hosts from Daily City, had an interesting surprise the following Sunday:  we attended the inter-racial Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples. We were totally surprised when the African-American, Pastor Dorsey Blake, addressed the congregation with his passionate sermon detailing the story and his profound experience having just seen Free Trip to Egypt at the Century San Francisco Centre 9.

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