Free Trip to Egypt

The Project

»When something comes to you as a calling and you feel it deep in your heart and you do it, you know it’s right…«

Tarek Mounib, creator/producer of Free Trip to Egypt

Tarek Mounib had an idea — to bring together two peoples of different cultures, try to connect in kindness instead of fear, and document the experience in a film. A Canadian-Egyptian living in Switzerland, he followed his dream to the United States with a unique enticement for willing Americans: an all-expenses-paid vacation to Egypt for those apprehensive of Islam.

He brought along his friend Adam Saleh, an American Muslim YouTube celebrity and comedian to lighten the trip. The intrepid duo set out across America searching for potential travelers with different backgrounds, beliefs and opinions, leading them to some unusual places — a small town in the heart of Georgia, a Trump Rally in Kentucky, Union Square in New York City and many other fascinating locations in between.

A group of daring, open-minded Americans were chosen to come to Egypt and explore the real land, people and ways of life beyond the media images. When each of the members were teamed with their welcoming Egyptian counterparts, an astonishing, new adventure for everyone began to unfold.

Five separate camera and sound crews filmed the five journeys, capturing all the eye-opening interchanges, unexpected events and breakthrough moments of each amazing expedition.

True to Tarek Mounib’s vision, Free Trip to Egypt is a remarkable cinematic sojourn of revelation and self-discovery for the participants, the filmmakers and the viewer alike.

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For more information about Tarek Mounib and #PledgeToListen, please watch these videos: