#PledgeToListen Discussion

Are you fed up with the seemingly insurmountable divide between opinions on racism, politics, COVID-19 etc?

Tarek Mounib (creator and producer of the film Free Trip to Egypt) will be bringing together a former marine who is a strong Trump Supporter living in California and an American woman of Iranian origin living in Nashville who is a social activist and a mother to a cute African American boy.   

We will explore issues of racism, politics, COVID-19 etc.

Tarek will first have a discussion with the Trump Supporter and then bring in the Iranian American social activist to continue the discussion.  We will then have time for the audience (you!) to ask questions and be part of the conversation.

We have no idea where this discussion will take us, but we are committed to exploring what happens when we go beyond that which divides us. #PledgeToListen

Date: July 16th at 10:00am (PDT) - Please note the timezone!!!

July 16, 2020 (check ticket link for local time)
Tarek Mounib
Elizabeth Croft Katie Silver John Bennison Tarek Mounib

Will you come?

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