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Free Trip to Egypt is a film about the inspirational capacity of human connection to overcome the barriers and prejudices that divide our world. It’s a unique film with a remarkable experiment in kindness and empathy at its heart — and your organization can play a vital role in promoting the film’s vital message.

In September 2019 we will join together with a range of partners to mark a combined celebration of the International Day of Listening, the UN's International Day of Peace, and the beginning of the international month of Unity.

This #PledgeToListen Month will open up the opportunity to screen Free Trip to Egypt to theaters all over the country — from small towns, to big cities — we want our film to continue to spark conversations about how we can promote a world that is better at listening. 

#PledgeToListen Month builds on the remarkable success of our #PledgeToListen Day of Unity, which saw Free Trip to Egypt screened to thousands of people on June 12th 2019. This powerful event included a discussion with leading celebrities and thought leaders live-streamed to over 500 theaters across the United States. You can read responses from participants in the Day of Unity here.

If you want to participate in this unique opportunity to open up dialogue, we want to hear from your organization. We’ve already collaborated with a diverse range of partners, from major NGOs to community groups, and are always open to new expressions of interest to develop events during #PledgeToListenMonth.

This document outlines how we would like to work with partner organizations:

Open Partnership Proposal (PDF)

For a discussion on partnership opportunities, please contact:

Liz Ogilvie
646 206-7914

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