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FREE TRIP TO EGYPT will be screened in 500 theaters across the United States as part of the #PledgeToListen Day of Unity on June 12th. A live panel discussion on how to bring more listening and kindness to the world will be streamed from Washington DC directly to the theaters immediately following the screening.


Kindness Films produced the film FREE TRIP TO EGYPT and hosted pre-screenings across the country in December 2018. The pre-screenings had a powerful impact on people and served as a strong catalyst prompting people to begin conversations and take action to bring people together from diverse backgrounds through respect and understanding.


Kindness Films would like to share FREE TRIP TO EGYPT in as many settings with as many diverse groups as possible to prompt initial conversations on June 12th, and then to collaborate with partner organizations in order to continue the conversations and offer tools for dialogue to support people having a positive impact on the world.


This document outlines how we would like to work with partner organizations.


Request from Partner Organizations – Supporting the Event


We would like the partner organizations to help increase visibility of the June 12th event and also help attract more people to attend the event.  Different levels of involvement:


  • Announcing the Event to their Organization Membership. Kindness Films will provide the Trailer, Invitation, and graphics to the event.  Kindness Films will also provide an RSVP link with the organization’s recruiter id in order to track responses.


  • A video message from key influencers of the organization: please see the video creation guidelines. 


  • Provide Recruiters for the event: Please provide an email list of people who will be reaching out to others in order to bring them to the event. We will email them each an invitation link with their own recruiter id.


  • A selection of social media posts through your social media platforms promoting the screening, including the trailer, ticket link and the Facebook group to encourage engagement.


  • Additionally please provide potential hosts for the event. All hosts will have the responsibility of a recruiter, but in addition, the host will be at the event and welcome people and make announcements and inform people of the follow up actions (details are contained in the host guidelines document)



Benefit to Partner Organizations


In addition to promoting a film that builds bridges and inspires optimism and promotes kindness and listening to the world, each of the partner organizations will gain the following:


  • Additional visibility and awareness through Logo Placement on our website and flyers, social media outreach and posts, and inclusion in communication through our newsletters and communication channels.


  • Introductions to the other partner organizations and opportunities to meet and network with similar types of organizations.


  • Access to a broader audience. When the audience participates on June 12th, they will be asked to join the #PledgeToListen and be asked if they want to continue to be involved. We will have a nationwide list of people and these people will be told about partnering organizations and given the opportunity to join follow-up activities.


  • Organizations that provide approved hosts will have the opportunity to engage with the local audience and inform them about follow-up events (either conversations on the same evening near the theatre or other events).


  • Continued support through social media


In short, we hope that the organizations will help support getting people to the event and we will then give the people information about the organizations so there can be true follow-up and engagement after the film.


The above-mentioned items are all GUIDELINES and not rules and are open to discussion.  We can find the best fit for organizations.


View this page as a PDF. 


To discuss further please contact

Liz Ogilvie

646 206-7914

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